iVita Financial offers technology and services for non-recourse loans to patients at hospitals and healthcare delivery systems.


Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, iVita Financial leverages machine-learning, proprietary underwriting, and highly advanced portfolio management systems to help hospitals and integrated delivery networks provide patients with no-interest, non-recourse loans to manage medical financial obligations. iVita Financial’s technology powers the line of credit open to patients of all credit risk profiles, thereby greatly expanding the scope of patients eligible to finance their out-of-pocket healthcare expenses.

Insight & Approach

Vector recognized the explosive growth in consumer debt at hospitals, driven by high deductible health plans and insurance companies’ shifting costs to patients. We added iVita Financial to our portfolio to address this burgeoning, yet under-served, marketplace.

Vector Value Add

Vector funded iVita Financial and provided expertise in building the business. We are working with the management team to execute an aggressive growth plan, identify acquisition candidates, and bring disruptive patient lending technology to the US healthcare marketplace.