IPVALUE is an intellectual property (IP) and patent monetization advisory firm serving large technology companies


Headquartered in Santa Clara, CA, IPVALUE was founded in 2001 to meet a need voiced by C-level officers of global technology companies to maximize returns from their IP portfolios within the overall context of their on-going business strategies and operations. In 2002, IPVALUE partnered with British Telecom and began intellectual property commercialization operations. Since that time, IPVALUE has steadily generated over $1.3BN in licensing or royalty revenue for its clients across the global technology landscape.

Insight & Approach

Vector first identified IPVALUE as an attractive platform in the intellectual property monetization space in 2013 after having pursued an IP monetization investment theme over a multi-year period. We worked closely with Company Management to purchase the Company from its existing investors in order to pursue a more aggressive growth strategy. Vector completed its investment in July 2014.

Vector Value Add

Vector is actively working with IPVALUE to support its growth. We are also actively pursuing strategic acquisitions within the IP Monetization space.