Provides collaborative software development and delivery solutions


CollabNet VersionOne provides a suite of tools that allow software developers at companies of all sizes to more effectively collaborate on projects and manage the software development process. Founded in 1999, CollabNet VersionOne created Subversion, the world’s most popular open-source software version control system. Its flagship product, TeamForge, grew out of CollabNet VersionOne’s open source roots and is the only truly open and extensible solution in the industry. It allows developers the flexibility to use the point tools they love while providing management control over and visibility into the development process.

Insight & Approach

Vector identified CollabNet VersionOne as a leader in the software development tools space in need of growth capital. We worked closely with CollabNet VersionOne’s venture investors to recapitalize the Company and make a significant growth investment. Vector completed its investment in January 2014.

Vector Value Add

Vector is actively working with CollabNet VersionOne to make investments in product development, sales, and marketing. We are also actively pursuing strategic acquisitions within the development tools space.