Cheetah Digital is the leader in enterprise cross-channel marketing solutions. Cheetah Digital helps marketers build meaningful customer relationships and create profitable brand outcomes.


Cheetah Digital is a carve-out from Experian plc and is the only independent, enterprise-grade B2C SaaS marketing platform of scale. Cheetah Digital’s unique offering of data, software and people, coupled with unrivaled industry leadership and expertise, provides the world’s best brands a trusted partner driven by innovation and customer success. A global company, Cheetah Digital serves 3,300+ customers around the world and has 1,600+ employees in 17 countries.

Insight & Approach

Vector has developed deep domain expertise across the digital marketing and marketing technology industries. We saw Cheetah Digital as a company with both the leading technology solution and the partnership-oriented approach necessary to solve marketers’ biggest challenges, to help them build meaningful customer interactions, and to directly contribute to profitable brand outcomes. Constrained within a large corporate parent, Cheetah Digital had a unique opportunity to transform into an independent company and become the world’s leading, enterprise-grade B2C marketing platform.

Vector Value Add

Vector has partnered closely with industry executives to develop an in-depth investment thesis and to supplement the company’s management team and Board of Directors. We are working alongside the team to transition the business out of Experian plc, to increase investment behind the next-generation Marketing Suite platform, to relaunch the company’s brand, and to support the team’s customer-centric services and solutions approach.